(Run By: Mahatma Gandhi Charitable Medical Trust, Warana Nagar)


( Recognized by Maharashtra Nursing Council , Indian Nursing Council &  Govt: of Maharashtra )

         The Mahatma Gandhi Charitable Medical Trust, Warana Nagar, has made remarkable and effective contributions in the fields of health care, education, social welfare and development of the community of the suburbs of warana irrespective of cast, creed or religion…

         Mahatma Gandhi Hospital established in 1992 is a major Hospital rendering modern medical care to the people of all sections of the society at affordable cost. Economically weaker section avail various charitable schemes of this hospital. Council has accorded sanction for the course.


Service to mankind is the primary function of nurses and the reason for existence of the nursing profession. Need for nursing service is universal, professional nursing service is, therefore, unrestricted by considerations of nationality, race, creed, colour, politics and social status. Inherent in the code is the fundamental concent that the nurse believes in the essential freedom or mankind and in the preservation of human life.


COURSE :- R.A.N.M ( Only for females )

This integrated course covering Nursing and Midwifery is of 1½ years duration.


1Should have passed 10th examination with minimum of 45% marks.

2.The applicant should not be less than 16 years or more than 35 years of  age as on 1st aug of respective year

                        3. Applicant should be physically sound and free from contagious diseases.


                        1. Application form can be obtained from the office & the admission fee for each candidate is Rs.300/-

                        2. Attested copies of certificates and documents in support of age and qualification should be attached with the application.

         - School Leaving Certificate

                                             - Passing Certificate of 10th class

                                             - Mark List of 10th class

                         3. Defective and incomplete applications will not be accepted.

                         4. Last date for receiving applications is 22nd july.

                          Only School Leaving Certificate will be considered for proof of age.

 How to Apply?

          1. The application form and prospectus can be obtained from respective School on payment of Rs. 300/-

                         2. The application form should be filled by the candidate in own handwriting.

                  3. Fill up every column without fail.  Incomplete application and applications received late will not be considered.

                         4. Original certificates should not be attached with the application.


                1. Selection will be done through interview.

                        2. A selection board shall be constituted and the members of the Board will essentially be (a) Chairman / Vice Chairman, (b) Principal of the School, (c) Administrative Officer of the hospital, (d) A representative of the Mahatma Gandhi Charitable Medical trust (e) Account officer

                      - Selection will be made on the basis of the performance in interview, academic record, health, aptitude and motivation and all round ability of the person/.

                      -The original certificates as mentioned above should be produced at the time      of interview.

                      -Selected candidates have to undergo for medical checkup at the hospital

              -Selection of the candidates will be provisional, subject to the registration by the Council and medical fitness of the candidate.


                       The course will commence on 1st working day of August


                       Hostel accommodation is available for all those who applies


                      The students shall be eligible for ten days sick leave and thirty days annual vacation. Any absence more than this will have to be made up before the                   completion of the course. Additional leave will not be granted.


                School of Nursing has an annual intake of 40students.


               On completion of first three months there will be an examination. After the examination if anyone is found lacking in aptitude or does not show satisfactory progress in studies or found physically unfit to continue the studies shall be dismissed. A student will also be liable for dismissal for misconduct, indiscipline or repeated neglect of duty.


               Fees will be collected as per management’s rules, Arrangements of scholarships done by the school itself for backward cast candidates.


                Examination will be conducted by Maharashtra Nursing Council every year who will issue the Certificates which will qualify a student for registration. Examination fee will be collected as per Maharashtra Nursing Council Stipulation. Fee once paid is not refundable under any circumstances.


                Students should not bring any jewellery or any valuables, The school does not take any responsibility for theft or loss of valuables including jewellery. Using of mobile phone is not permitted in the classroom and in hospitals.

XII. No stipend will be paid to the students during the period of course



1. Visitors will be permitted in the hostel only with express consent of the parents.

2. Mess Fee will be collected every month.

3. Students will be responsible to replace/compensate the items or equipment damaged, lost or broken.

4. Any shortage in attendance will be made good by further extension of course duration as applicable.

5. If student leaves before completion of the course, for any reason, the student will be liable to pay the balance fees for the entire course along with a penalty of Rs.2000/-

6. Fee once paid is not refundable at any cost.

7. The students will be subject to dismissal at any time for misconduct &    professional incompetence or negligence


The management reserves the unquestionable right of amending, altering, adding or deleting any provisions of the prospectus including enhancing the fees or amending any other rules and such decisions taken by the management shall be binding on everybody concerned. Interpretations of any of the provisions of the prospectus shall also rest with the management and the decision of the management with regard to such interpretation shall be binding on everybody concerned.


We the Management, Staffs, Nursing educators of the School of Nursing, believe that Nursing is an art and science which assist the individual, family and community in recognizing, understanding and meeting the health needs by preventive curative and rehabilitative science and if condition necessitates help to have peaceful death.

We believe that this education is directed towards the development of the student as a person and as a member of the health team

We believe that this course should prepare nurses for first level position to give competent and comprehensive nursing care in hospital and community.

We believe that the basic education programme in nursing should be geared to the learning needs of the students and changing needs of the community to be served and should provide a foundation for the practice of nursing, a basis for more advanced nursing education and a motivation for continuing education.

We also believe that this programme should develop in the student intellectual faculties, enquiring mind and problem solving skills.

We believe that human relation skills, communication skills and a good knowledge in - basic sciences are essential for learning and practicing nursing.

We recognize that the learning takes place in the classroom, hospital and community effectively.


Students are expected to maintain a very high standard of discipline, compassion, honesty and sincerity in their work. The motto of the institution is “Service is Religion”. That means “Service With Love”. Students shall remain under the direct control of the Principal, who will report to the Director. Indiscipline of any sort, disobedience, dishonesty, and negligence will not be tolerated and will attract severe punishment - even expulsion from the Institution. This is being made very clear to all candidates who aspire to join this institution.

1. Students are expected to attend classes in proper uniform. Uniforms shall always be neat, clean and well ironed. They should display their I.D. card at all times to establish their identity.

2. Students should assemble in the classroom 5 minutes before the class starts. They may be marked absent if late and will loose attendance.

3. Students are expected to observe order and silence at the school, hospital and its premises and make as little noise as possible while moving from one place to another.

4. Students are not allowed to loiter around in the working areas and not to bring their friends and relatives to the campus without getting prior permission from the Principal.

5. Ragging in any form is a criminal offence and is strictly prohibited. Whoever commits, participate in, abets or propagates ragging within or outside, the institution shall, on conviction, will be punished. ‘Ragging” means doing any act, by disorderly conduct, to a student of an educational institution, which causes or is likely to cause physical or psychological harm or raising apprehension or fear or shame or embarrassment to that student and includes (i) teasing, ‘abusing or playing practical jokes on, or causing hurt to or (ii) asking a student to do any act or perform something which such student will not, in the ordinary course willingly do. Whenever a complaint is received, the student who is accused of the offence will be suspended immediately and complaint will be forwarded to the Police.

6. Students are forbidden to affix posters, display materials and other articles on the walls of the building of the institution.

7. Students are not permitted to conduct any programmes without prior permission of Principal/Director.

8. Students are not permitted to remain in the classrooms except during class hours.

9. The use of mobile phones is banned in school, and hospital.

10. Students are forbidden from directly addressing higher authorities. All communications must be submitted through the Principal/Director who will forward them, if necessary.

11. The students are not allowed to accept gift of any kind from the patients or relatives.

12. If a student withdraws from the course during the period of studies he/she shall be liable to pay the entire course fees. The certificates will be returned only after paying all the dues to the institution.

Transportation: For nursing students one 17 seater and one 32 seater buses are available

Clinical facilities: Nursing students can practice our 120 bedded Mahatma Gandhi Hospital, and we are also attached to

1.    P.H.C. Pargaon

2.    Sub District Hospital, Kodoli

3.    P.H.C Ambap

4.    Sub Centre Ambap

                  Hostel Facilities: Hostel accommodation is available for all, those  who needs

                  Faculty: Students gets guidance from highly qualified and experience lecturers, teachers, and external lecturers

                  Mess: Our mess is attached with the nursing school

                  Library: Library and reading room with a great collection of Marathi & English books

                  Laboratories: We have separate laboratories for each subject with sufficient articles, models and posters