Wednesday, July 16, 2014 9:24:00 PM
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With all of your good wishes, support and inspiration I have successfully achieved my goal for which I had spent 4 important months in Mumbai from December till March 2014. 

YES i did it,

my results are out. I HAVE PASSED MY EXAMS AND ULTIMATELY BEEN ABLE TO ATTAIN MY "ASSOCIATE FELLOW OF INDUSTRIAL HEALTH" (A.F.I.H), additional expertise post graduate degree from the Govt. Of India's, DGFSLI'S Central Labour Institute, Industrial Medicine division, Sion, Mumbai. 

I have secured 68.50% overall (Marks: -Theory - 60/100 + Practical - 77/100). 

The subjects I was vigorously trained in during this course were, Industrial medicine, Occupational health, Industrial Hygiene, Industrial Safety, Industrial Labour laws, Industrial Toxicology, Industrial Psychology, Environmental engineering, Ergonomics, Environmental Monitoring, Industrial Management, Productivity, Crisis Management, Critical Care, etc. 

I made a presentation on Chemical warfare agents, Completed my Thesis Dissertation on Assessment of needs for establishing an Occupational Health Centre for a Milk Dairy, along with 5 different type Industries visits, throughout worked as a strict and competent Class representative of my batch consisting of doctors from various reputed industries of our country facing a lot of resistance, etc.

However my Guruji who strictly guided me the path of genuine and ideal success through sincerity, honesty, hardwork and devotion was Dr. Shri Prashant Lanjewar, the National Dy. Director and chief coordinator of this course.

Now I have become an Occupational Physician as per the Legal Factories act 1948 thereby eligible for managing Occupational / Industrial Health care dealing with all subjects mentioned above. 
Now with your good wishes and luck I intend and shall give my best to formulate, plan, establish and implement a permanent and stable solution to my present ongoing career path and life.
Do kindly pray to god for me.

My wife Roopali & daughters Sakshi and Rashi who are my energy and inspiration are feeling very proud today.


Thankyou very much
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