Dr. Shailesh Sudhakar Kore's CV


Dr. Shailesh S Kore, President,  Maharashtra State Branch of Indian Radiological & Imaging Association (MSBIRIA)

An Honest Appeal to all my Respected Radiologist Colleagues from MSBIRIA.

Please feel free to contact me using this contact form. I shall try my level best to respond promptly.
My all other modes of contact are as mentioned here.
1. Mobile: 9823096200
(Please leave SMS if no response or off)

2. Email:

3. If he is needed urgently & not traceable you could please call his Organisations operator on this number. They shall convey your message: 0230 - 2477081-83 (Operator)

4. Residence number: 0231 - 2651545
Mon - Sat: Till 8am & after 3pm (You could leave your message with his daughters)
Sunday: Fullday usually available at home.

5. His wife's (Smt. Roopali's Mobile: 9923011871 {preferably SMS or what's app (rarely used)}

6. Address for correspondence: SAVITRINATH, D4, Atharva Vishwa, Tarabai Park, Pitali Ganapati Marg, Kolhapur - 416003