Specialized Facilities

The diagnostic block consists of modernized Radiology departments. The X-Ray department has 300 m.a. machine with an attached Fluoroscopic screen and 60 mas. Portable Unit. We have three Ultrasound Scanners, an ATL Ultra mark - 4 with a sector 3.5 Mhz probe and two portable cum desktop machines. Just Vision 200 (Toshiba) with a multi frequency curvilinear probe (3.5 - 5 Mhz), High frequency curvilinear probe (7.5 - 10 Mhz) and another high frequency trans vaginal probe. The machines portable use is being actively used by the hospital's Chief Consulting Radiologist under the Rural Health Department. Numerous Satellite centers have been set up in villages in the surrounding area spread out in all directions involving eleven talukas and five districts, within a distance radius of about 110 to 125 kms.

The main intention has been to make such costly and clinically necessary investigation modalities available to the common person at a close distance and affordable rate. At the same time to the base hospital concerned department.

All the local doctors of the area have been involved in this Rural Sonography Clinic. It has been started with a positive motive, which is and should be able to create a big impression on the daily inflow to this hospital. Till date up to 12500 to 13000 patients have taken benefit by getting examined and further managed.

The department of Radiodiagnosis added on the developing trend of its department by including the facility of Computed Tomography Scan Machine, Somatom CR in June 2001. Thus becoming he first hospital in a rural area to introduce such modernized equipment and mode of investigation for the needy and poor patients at affordable costs.

The pathology department consists of a Clinical Laboratory which is well equipped and conducts all necessary investigation like Hematology, Clinical Pathology, Histopathology, Serology, Biochemistry and Microbiology. Very recently we have introduced a Computerized Eliza reader and an Auto analyzer, with a view of expanding the variety of work. This department turns out to be the first in this full area to have such a well-equipped laboratory. Our blood bank is another branch that has been upgraded, with the introduction of these modalities, and is doing very well with about minimum 150 - 200 bags of blood being utilized per month.

The blood bank has been approved by the Central Government of India. Blood donation camps are frequently held in the same campus as well as in the nearby villages, usually around every fortnight as per stock requirement.

The hospital Physiotherapy section is commissioned with equipment, such as Autotrac, Short-wave Diathermy, Ultrasound, Wax bath, Infrared with Ultraviolet lamp, Trans Nerve Stimulator & Continuous Passive Motion Units.

We have 15-bedded Intensive Care Unit, where Cardiac and other critical medical and surgical cases are handled. The beds are equipped with modern bedside demonstrating all important parameters related, attached to a Central Monitor on the nursing station, a defibrillator, Modern ventilator, etc. In emergency this facility is providing a great significance in reviving critical patients.

We have a well equipped neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Our Neonatal ICU also has been a great asset in reviving newly born premature and low birth weight infants.