Founder Vice President, Mahatma Gandhi Charitable Medical Trust, Warananagar.
Ex. Cabinet Minister, Government of Maharashtra & Chairman, Warana Complex

With the spirit of enterprise, innovation, social organization and social idealism,  Warana  a barren unproductive hilly tract  35 years ago  is now flush  with greenery ,  humming with industrial , agricultural and  educational activity.  Today it boasts of leading cooperative Sugar factory, Dairy and Poultry cooperative, a cooperative Bank, Warana Bazaar Consumer Service, Arts Science and Commerce College, Industrial Training Institute, Engineering College, Physical Education and Children Orchestra.  These activities have been acknowledged nationally and internationally and also have received National awards for excellence in respective fields.

The moving spirit behind all these varied activities was one man,

Late Hon’ble Sahakarmaharshi Shri Vishwanath Alias Tatyasaheb Kore.

The vision, creative urge, genuine concern for common man, experience and single mindedness of this man has brought revolutionary & socio economic changes. The Warana co-operative complex has been a model of “Integrated rural development “.

Health services were one missing link in this development process.  People had to travel quite some distances by foot or any available mobile transport if possible to get better medical facilities, which were too expensive to afford.  In critical stages, the need was acutely felt.  The creative urge and genuine concern for man lead to the vision of a medical complex, a center of excellence.

Study by “Health Consultancy Services” revealed prevalence of Communicable and non-communicable diseases, such as respiratory, Gastro -intestinal, Parasitic, Tuberculosis, leprosy, Malaria. Cardiac related problems were common causes of sudden deaths around this area. With factories and industries around, this area was an accident-prone area. There were also a high incidence of low weight babies, birth malnutrition and Anemia. These commonly occurring health disabilities and problems created awareness in the minds of the architects of this area, where finally the plan of building a well equipped; self-sufficient hospital was decided. This would be for the common human being in the surrounding area with all-possible health and diagnostic facilities, which was only available in the surrounding towns/ cities of this region.
Thus, the Mahatma Gandhi Hospital, at New Pargaon finally came into being to meet the precise medical needs of the rural population on the 2nd October 1992.  It is a registered Trust under the Bombay Public Trust Act and Societies Registration Act. The hospital building is a modern design with plenty of space available for circulation. The total space is 1, 10,000 Sq.ft. built on Twenty Seven Acres of land. The total expenditure of the building was around Rupees Two Eighty One Lakhs with equipment of about Rupees Eighty Lakhs.

The hospital is located on the Wathar-Kodoli road at a distance of 6 kms from the Pune-Bangalore Highway. Bombay is 400 kms and the nearest city is Kolhapur, which is 25 kms.

The temperature of this area varies from 85 to 102 F.  The nearest Airport is Kolhapur.

Regarding the water supply, it is drawn from the nearby Warana River (500metres North.). It goes through process of filtration from the hospitals own filtration plant and is stored in a huge capacity tank. The hospital is also equipped with a Diesel Generator, which is very useful during the lapses of electricity from the main electricity board. The entire facility has been meticulously planned taking into consideration the Utility, Efficiency, Space requirements and co-ordination.

It is a 300 bedded general hospital out of which 16 beds are for Critical care (MICU & SICU) and with an attached medical sub centre of 25 beds about 10 kms from the base hospital, with all the basic services such as Medicine, Surgery, Orthopedics, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pediatrics, Ophthalmology,

E.N.T, Pathology and Radiology, which are rendering medical services at an affordable cost and also free for deserving poor and needy.

It is being run as a no – profit only true service to humanity charitable hospital with the supportive back up of the Warana Industrial Complex.

The ground floor serves with the Outpatient department, the Casualty with an Emergency Major Operation Theatre & 5 beds day ward, Diagnostic facilities consisting of X-ray, Ultrasound, C.T.Scan, a full fledged laboratory, ECG & Physiotherapy Section. There is a Medical shop open round the clock.

A Canteen with tea/coffee, snacks and light meals available is open for patients, their attendants and hospital staff as a mode for refreshment.

The paramedical departments consisting of the Central stores department, sanitary department, Medical records and Civil and Maintenance departments are floored at the basement. The civil department consists of the telephone exchange operators, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, field workers, etc. The sanitary department runs an incinerator for abolishing all type of medical waste material.
The first floor provides an Operation Theatre complex consisting of two major theatres and a minor septic theatre, a well-equipped Intensive Care Unit, Neonatal intensive care unit,

Private & Semi private rooms, and Large General wards, each of a capacity of minimum

60-70 beds & a maximum of 100 beds. The administrative blocks consisting of the office of the Managing authorities of the hospital and institute is also situated on the first floor.

The hospital has totally Four Operation Theatres equipped with Operative Microscopes,

Boyles Apparatus, Central Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide and Suction systems. Presently however Manual Suction apparatus and Oxygen Cylinders are utilized. The operation theatres and Intensive care units have been planned with internal ceiling ducts available with connected central air conditioning system. However only one Operation Theatre is connected at present. At the remaining sites Split Air-conditioning systems are being planned to be shortly installed as per modern quality control requirements. Modern ventilator, Defibrillator and other emergency bedside monitors are available for the assessing the unstable patients.

The Diagnostic block consists of modernized Radiology and Pathology departments.

The X-ray department has a 200 ma machine with a digital operating panel, attached fluoroscopic screen and 60 mas Portable unit.  It has Two Ultrasound Scanners, which is Portable cum Desk top machines, Just Vision 200(Toshiba) with multifrequency curvilinear probes (3.5-5MHz), high frequency curvilinear probe (7.5-10MHz) and another high frequency transvaginal probe. The machines uses are being actively used by the hospital Chief Consulting Radiologist under the Rural Health Department strictly under the norms of the PC & PNDT Act.  

The main intention has been to make such costly and clinically necessary investigation modalities available to the common person at a close distance and affordable rate. At the same time other needy patients are given information of this hospital and referred for further management to the hospitals concerned department.

Efforts have been made to involve all the local doctors of the surrounding areas, in this Rural Sonography clinic. It has been started with a positive motive, which is and should be able to create a big impression on the daily inflow to this hospital. Till date numerous needy patients have taken maximum benefit by getting examined at this clinic and also getting further managed at this base hospital.

The department of Radiodiagnosis added on the developing trend of its department by including the facility of Computed Tomography Scan machine, Somatom CR in JUNE 2001. Thus becoming the one of the rare hospitals set up in a rural area to dare to introduce such modernized equipment and mode of investigation for the needy and poor patients at affordable rates. However due to acute electricity problems and voltage high fluctuations the machine had to be shut down for a certain period. However since July 2010 the old outdated CT Scan machine was replaced with a Siemens Company Spiral CT Scanner along with a modern Care Stream Company Camera / Printer which is in routine use today.

The Pathology department consists of a Clinical Laboratory which is well equipped and conducts all necessary investigations like Hematology, Clinical Pathology, Histopathology, Serology, Biochemistry and Microbiology. An Auto analyzer donated by the Ranbaxy Company is also being utilized for many routine investigations when required. This department turns out to be the first in this full area to have such a well-equipped laboratory. Thereby sincere practical efforts are being made in order to run this laboratory efficiently. The Laboratory has been upgraded with two modern age automated machines, Cell Counter and Auto analyzer. Thereby both Manual & Automated services modes have been kept available and are being offered as per suitable circumstances.

Our blood bank is another branch that has been upgraded, with the introduction of these modalities, and is doing very well with about a minimum distribution of 110 -150 bags of blood being utilized per month. The Blood Bank has been regularly inspected & approved by the Government of India and all other competent authorities. Present renewal for the next 5 years is in official process with the state authorities from who certification is expected shortly. It has all basic specialized equipment that are mandatory requirements. Daily blood status is displayed on the state concerned website as well the organization website. All the killer diseases investigations are performed on this equipment. The samples of the blood donors for confirmation of HIV / HbsAg & Syphilis are done in association with our District Hospital at Kolhapur.

 Blood donation Camps are frequently held in the same campus as well as in the surrounding peripheral rural & backward areas, usually around every fortnight as per the stock requirement. Fortunately this area is blessed with large numbers of voluntary blood donors. We feel proud that on majority of the occasions it is our employees working in our complex who step forward almost every time in order to bleed themselves for the needy and poor patients.

The reason for feeling proud of this contribution by them is that it is done with no expectation and that too voluntarily. A rare social scheme had been introduced for the generous blood donors where they were rewarded for donating a blood bag, with an Entry cum Discount card by which him  / her along with their own family members as per requirement could avail all available health care facilities at this organization which includes General Hospital and Dental Hospital where they would be benefitted with 50% in OPD services & 25% in IPD services LIFE LONG.

The Hospital has got approval from the regional authorities & is running a Blood Component storage centre in affiliation with an NABH Accreditated standard mother blood bank of this District & that is approved as a Regional blood transfusion centre.

The hospital Physiotherapy section is commissioned with equipment, such as Autotrac, Short-wave Diathermy, Ultrasound, Wax bath, Infrared with Ultraviolet lamp, Trans Nerve Stimulator & Continuous Passive Motion units. A Consulting Physiotherapist has recently been appointed to head and run this department thereby with a sincere intention of Upgradation and widespread service provision.

We have a 10 bedded Intensive Care Unit & 6 bedded Surgical Intensive Care Unit, where basic primary emergency care are provided to all critical medical and surgical cases. They are being presently upgraded & equipped with modern bedside monitors demonstrating all important parameters related, attached to a Central Monitor on the nursing station along with Defibrillators, Modern ventilators, etc equipment required for managing critical patients care. In emergency this facility is proving & will in the future prove of great significance and relief in reviving critically stressed patients.

We have a basically equipped neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) with two radiant warmers and two phototherapy units. Our Neonatal ICU also has been a great asset in reviving newly born premature and low birth weight infants. The equipment has been donated by our sister concern organization the Warana Bazaar.

The Shivaji University had previously recognized this hospital for posting of Interns for compulsory rural Internship. Similarly since quite some time now the Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Sevagram, Wardha has recognized this hospital for posting Medical Officers for the period of two years for completion of rural services under the rural placement scheme, which is compulsory prerequisite for Post Graduate selection in that Institute.

General Health Checkups, Examination, diagnostic and Treatment Camps are held quite frequently every month at the organization every alternate month lasting for two weeks each camp and also in the surrounding peripheral and rural areas which are devoid of such facilities every month.  

Predominantly we organize such camps for patients suffering from diseases or infections involving the eyes, ear, nose and throat, Urinary tract, etc. examinations are done on site by our Ophthalmologist, ENT Surgeon, Urologist, respectively and patients are referred to our base hospital for further management and operations as diagnostically desired. Patients suffering from Urological problems, Female pelvic problems, Obstetric evaluations, Small parts disease evaluation, etc. are assessed and diagnosed by Ultrasonography examination at the Government Recognized and Registered Outreach Centre set up at this base hospital recognized as per the regulations of the PC&PNDT Act 1994/1996/2003 on weekly appointment basis regularly by the hospital Radiologist.

 Radiography study and evaluation of the Radiographs taken either in government rural subcentres or by a local general practitioner is done free on site. The above activities are done as mentioned before in association of the local Government doctors, General practitioners, local volunteers and the gram Panchayat. The intention of this side is to voluntarily assist them and at the same time keep the doors of our Rural Hospital leading to Health for All open always for the needy and deserving patients. The adjacent rural hospital has been voluntarily affiliated by our organization for routine radiography of their needy patients at a nominal rate.

 All Investigations are done at this hospital at a fixed concessional rate ultimately decided by the management of the hospital. The Indoor facility charges depend on the economic status of the patient. Total free treatment including surgeries & medicines is also provided to the needy ones in special cases as per the Public Charitable Trust act for the patients below the poverty line and at 50% concession for the patients above, but within the poverty line. The members, employees and their families of this Trust rather coming under the Warana Industrial, Health & Educational complex which consist more so of hard working Farmers contributing to our Sugar, Milk, all other industries & institutions are offered 25% concession on their bills based on specific terms and conditions.               Overall, an assessment of the patient’s economic status is done for all patients before collecting the hospital charges.

C.M.E. programs, Seminars and Journal clubs are conducted in our institute by the Teachers, Consultants of various departments and their Students also on many occasions with the open participation of the surrounding area local doctors when invited.

Distinguished speakers have been invited specially to preside over such programs from different places. Some of those distinguished speakers were,

  1. Late.Hon’ble Dr. T.T. Changlani, Prof. & Head – Surgery, LTMMC & LTMGH, SION, Mumbai had spoken on Upper Gastrointestinal bleeding disorders.
  2. Dr. Vijay Deshmukh, Prof. & Hon. Surgeon, LTMMC & LTMGH, SION, Mumbai had spoken on preliminary care in trauma.
  3. Dr. D.D. Shetty, Medical Superintendent and Head – Radiology, K.E.M. Hospital, Pune had spoken on Radiodiagnosis and Imaging in Radiology.
  4. Dr. Ashok Naik, Prof. & Head – Radiology, J.N. Medical College, Belgaum had spoken on Basic Radiology
  5. Dr.Dilip Karmarkar, Consulting Pediatrician, Sangli talked on Convulsions.
  6. Dr.Vijay Sarpotdar, Consulting Pediatrician, Miraj talked on asthma in children.
  7. Dr. Bhushan Lakkhar, Professor and Head of Department of Radiodiagnosis, K.M.C, Manipal talked on Advances in Radiology.
  8. Dr.R.V.Karanjekar, Medical Superintendent, Krishna Cardiac Centre, Ahmedabad talked on Standardization of Hospitals.
  9. Dr. Om Tavri, Renowned Radiologist and Imaging Specialist, Mumbai talked on Cardiac M.R.I.
  10. Dr.M.G.Tepan, Renowned E.N.T Surgeon, Pune talked on Common E.N.T. problems.
  11. Dr.K.H.Sanchetti, Renowned Orthopedics Specialist, Pune talked on Critical Care

      & many other distinguished personalities.

  1. Dr. Shivajirao Bhoi, Renowned Government Health Care officer.
  2. Dr. L.S.Patil, Civil Surgeon, Kolhapur district.
  3. Dr. Kishor Taori, Chairman, Maharashtra Medical Council.
  4. Dr. Sudhakar Sane, Renowned ENT surgeon, General Surgeon, & Medico Legal Advisor.
  5. Dr. C.B.Purandhare, Renowned Obstetrician & Gynaecologist.
  6. Dr. Nikit Mehta, Renowned Radiologist.
  7. Dr. S.V.Sortur, Renowned Intensivist & Nominee Trustee of Our Trust.

Health education seminars, Public awareness campaigns, one act plays and Lectures on AIDS, Hepatitis B, Tuberculosis, Family Planning, Immunization, Breast feeding, Foemale Foeticide & Infanticide, Idiotic Differentiation between Males and Females, Anti Tobacco / Gutkha chewing, Cigarette smoking, Alcohol consumption, Rural School Children Dental Checkups and Awareness campaigns in association with Indian Dental Association / Colgate company etc. etc. are frequently and vigorously organized & carried out by the Executives, Teachers, Consultants, Students  to the hospital and college paramedical staff, patients in peripheral rural and backward areas, their accompanying relatives and attendants in the hospital and at the outreach centres and in the rural and peripheral backward areas during the organized camps..

With a positive motive behind of building the reputation and utility of the hospital, a team under the Rural Health Services department which constantly keeps in touch regularly with the surrounding population of all fields and with their assistance organizes and manages the camps, frequently participate in all the government national health programs in association with the Rural hospitals and Primary health centres all around this area basically in the backward, hilly, mountain bound areas where all medical services are really devoid and unavailable.

These activities having been started in JUNE 2000 have really built up the morale of this hospital, where till date numerous Outreach satellite referral centres have been set up in the surrounding districts, which participate in referring poor and needy patients to this hospital with the help of the district health department personnel, rural hospitals, primary health centres, local doctors, panchayat members, prominent personalities, social workers and people of those concerned areas.

The Ophthalmology department conducts Free Screening & Examination camps and Concessional rate Operative camps (Predominantly Suture less Cataract Extractions with Lens implantation) of patients of the surrounding Talukas / District. The main procedure done is cataract extraction and intraocular lens implantation. Minimum two camps are organized monthly. Since its inception till date almost more than 18000 needy patients were examined out of which more than 900 patients were operated successfully at the base hospital, under all necessary precautions.

In association with the above activity other camps also are organized which prove fruitful to the disabled and needy people. These activities include Dental examination and treatment camps, Blood Donation camps, Ear, Nose and Throat examination and Operative camps and Concessional rate Sonography examination camps. All the above rural health activities are receiving big responses by the Poor and needy farmers/ villagers who have been observed to definitely get benefited. These activities have also been observed & appreciated of being a great assistance to all the Government Health units. 

We still feel very proud that the Governor of Maharashtra had directly nominated our Founder Vice President of our Mahatma Gandhi Charitable Medical Trust and Medical Director Dr. Sudhakar Kore as a member of the First Management Council of Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik.

The main aim of the founder regarding this hospital was to set up Rural Medical College attached to this multispeciality hospital. However, that was temporarily fulfilled by the origin of Tatyasaheb Kore Dental College & Research Centre, recognized by the Dental Council of India and the Central Government of India in June 2002.

A Silver lining over this was laid by the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor of the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik, Late Hon’ble Dr. Dayanand G. Dongaonkar, on occasion of the Inaugural ceremony of the First Academic Session of the Dental College in December 2002, & then                    Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Dr. Ravindra Bapat, on occasion of his visit for the Inaugural ceremony of the Second Academic Session in August 2003, when after inspecting the infrastructure of the college and hospital, they both respectively gave their golden words of encouragement by expressing their sincere confidence that this college is definitely going to bloom in the days to come.

We agree that God only knows the actual destiny and fate; however sincere efforts and hardwork should make the above come true.

We feel proud to announce and disclose that the students studying in our Dental College have always made us feel proud with their Academic performances in the University Phase wise examinations conducted annually by persistently securing merit places in the University. Many of them have secured admissions through merit and passed their examinations for the postgraduate MDS speciality courses they adopted also on Merit. We wish and pray for all our students’ successful future always. However, the Secret behind this golden success is only due to our Honest and Dedicated teaching staff. 

The students have won flying colours not only in academic fields only, but also in the extracurricular fields like Cultural, Music, Sports, Posters presentations, etc. etc.,  

The Trust started the Sahakar Maharshi Nursing School in the year 2008 for running ANM nursing courses.

The college is recognized & affiliated respectively by the Central Government of India, Dental Council of India & Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik.

The Dental College is at present recognized for BDS undergraduate course since the year 2007 & for MDS postgraduate courses in Prosthodontics & Dental Materials, Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics, Periodontics & Orthodontics with Dentofacial orthopaedics permanently.                                                            The same courses have been awarded affiliation by Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik & Recognized by the Government of Maharashtra.

Since 0ctober 2010 a widespread Health Care Campaign and Awareness program in the rural, peripheral and needy areas has been reinitiated with a sincere and honest intention. The other main intention is to increase rather expand the medical services domain of this hospital at those areas and at the base hospital itself.

Since December 2010, a Spiral CT scanner was purchased installed & under trial due to some mechanical and technical display errors is being presently operated for needy patients investigations at nominal rates.

Since February 2011, the Tatyasaheb Kore Institute of Medical Sciences was re recognized by the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Mumbai for running DGO & DMRE courses. However since August 2013, they have been intentionally stopped by the Director of Academics with an innocent intention to first improve the standards of the Teaching institute & hospital preferably as per the basic requirements of Medical Council of India. After achieving these basic targets it will be decided whether to restart the following postgraduate courses.

On 18/03/2017, our Chief Radiologist, Dr Shailesh Sudhakar Kore was unanimously elected as the President, Maharashtra State Chapter of the Indian Radiological and Imaging Association for the year 2017-18.

On 31/03/2018, he had been unanimously nominated as an Executive Council Member of the Kolhapur Medical Association, Branch of Indian Medical Association (KMA / IMA) for the year 2018-19 & has been allotted the Community Services Wing portfolio responsibility.

We are proud to declare that on 31/03/2019 Dr. Shailesh S Kore was felicitated by the Hon’ble President, KMA / IMA for his good work throughout the year with the best Executive Council Member Award for the year 2018 – 19.                                                                                                                                    He was also unanimously re nominated to the Executive Council of KMA / IMA for the year 2019 – 20 & has been made Member, Editorial Board for the KMA / IMA Flash Magazine.

The Trust had been approved in August, 2013 by the concerned state authorities under the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board for Authorization of Bio Medical Waste Disposal as per the mandatory statutory act presently managing as per rules the mandatory procedure in association with a Private firm named SS Services. At present License is in official process of Renewal.                                                                                                                                        The Trust has also applied as per standard procedure and mandatory requirement for Consent under Water act 1974 for Affiliation and authorization. Two Effluent Treatment plants have been set up for this mandatory & necessary purpose of Sewage / Liquid waste disposal as per legal regulations & also for recycling of this liquid sewage & recycling of it for Agricultural / Gardening purposes. Similarly relevant Upgradation of the campus Water of filtration plant is being planned as per requirements to fulfill the mandatory law & safety compliances.

The Hospital achieved its difficult goal to get Accreditated, approved & certified by the Bureau of Indian Standards for ISO 9001:2008 basically for improving and laying fixed systems and standards for all Management & Administrative protocols & also for improving and laying fixed systems and standards for all Medical Departments for a period of 3 years from December 2013 till November 2016.                 

Considering our progress and situation status & after the advice and suggestions of our Consultant & Lead Auditors we seriously intend to now make all efforts to proceed for accreditation and certification under the National Accreditation Board of Health Care Providers & Hospitals.                                           

Internal Auditing, fulfillment of pending statute requirements, necessary infrastructure & procedure changes, Upgradation, new processes implementation process had been taken up during that period thereby creating a lot of positive changes and motivation. The Basic Documentation has been completed solely by the undersigned under the able guidance of the Trusts Quality Control Consultant.                                        

For the ISO 9001:2008 Accreditation purposes, a reputed & recognized International Quality Control and Assurance Firm (DNV) had been appointed with the major assistance of the Trusts Quality Control Consultant & Dr. Shailesh Kore. Thereby W.e.f. 09th August 2013 all official processes required towards Accreditation & Certification & later routine Central Audit process of the Hospital had been officially approved planned and scheduled.

It was certain that this process would certainly boost the progress & present unfortunate state of our Hospital, Management and administrative processes. Our main focus has, was & is always to concentrate on Patient, Doctors, Upgradation to present age & then utilization of all the available standard infrastructure, provision of True first aid primary health care services (initially) presently available, possible here and at affordable rates, following all necessary good principles and discipline.

The Trust was very soon proposes,

1.   To get the Mahatma Gandhi Hospital, New Pargaon approved & certified as per NABH Standards for all genuine, social & humanity service reasons in order to achieve its prime objectives. 

2.   To get the Tatyasaheb Kore Dental College & Research Centre, New Pargaon, NAAC accreditated, however AFTER FULFILLING ALL BASIC CRITERIA & FIELD WORK which has become very challenging.

3.   To get the Mahatma Gandhi Hospital, New Pargaon recognized with a Network group of Hospitals for Medical Tourism or a reputed Health Care Organization for which all necessary efforts are being made.

4.   To make all possible positive efforts in order to achieve its ultimate aim to set up their Rural Medical College. An official application was made in October 2015 to the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik by our Trust as per laid down procedure, which was further recommended on Merit to the Govt. of Maharashtra for further process.

However, we have kept the proposal pending till date by intimating the State Govt. that we yet need some more time, as we seriously intend to on priority first of all see that the existing hospital is able to run on its own, reach out to the needy patients, persistently increase & upgrade customer care services & facilities, is developed & upgraded as per todays required systems & standards.

This was the Founders ultimate dream & aim while creating & building this hospital.

However we honestly understand that only with honest and sincere dedication, devoted and intelligent planning, joint positive efforts it could possibly become true and thereon run successfully.  However observing the present medical education scenario, it would be sensible to first assume the actual facts, criteria, feasibility, etc. and then only proceed further in order to achieve our goal & objectives.

5. To take all possible & positive steps towards the above goal, for which the trust is seriously taking efforts to see that a sufficient inflow of patients are achieved by offering honest, dedicated and standard medical services, to utilize & avail all the present available infrastructure and equipment which is presently available & being provided at affordable & reasonable rates. All deficiencies are trying to be overcome. Improvements are trying to be made and motivated around all departments and sectors of employees. This all is intended in order to upgrade and develop this hospital and its facilities as modern standards.

As a part of this Upgradation & Development, the trust seriously intends to get the Hospital empaneled under the Govt. of Maharashtra, Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Jan Arogya Yojana & also similar other State Govt, Central Govt., Public Sector & Private Sector Health Care schemes respectively for offering, reaching out & providing their available health care services to the needy patients coming under and within the Poverty lines.      

Dr. Shailesh S Kore in the year 2013-14 was selected on merit & underwent specialized training & education at the Industrial Medicine Division, DGFASL’s Central Labour Institute, Ministry of Labour & Employment, Govt. of India, Sion, Mumbai. On successful completion of this recognized course he was awarded Associate Fellowship in Industrial Safety & Health by the Govt. of India. Thereby he additionally upgraded himself as an Occupational Physician / Safety & Health Auditor, Govt. of India & thereon was selected & officially appointed by the Govt. of Maharashtra as per laid provisions of Factories Act 1948 & Maharashtra Factories Rules 1963  as a Class I Officer on the designation of Authorized Certifying Surgeon, Govt. Of Maharashtra, Industrial Safety & Health, For Kolhapur District.

Hence due to this hospital was & is additionally boosted by being able to join & officially assist him as & when he conducts Mandatory Govt. Safety & Health Audits of Hazardous & Non Hazardous Industries & their Employees as per laid down legal provisions, where numerous manpower, services & facilities of the hospital that were underutilized become active.                                                

It is quite difficult to get recognized and maintain this recognition. However we are determined to make all possible efforts for the welfare of this Trust.  

6.   To develop the existing Nursing School offering ANM courses to a Nursing College for offering B.Sc. & PB.ScNursing nursing recognized courses under the affiliation of the Maharashtra University of Health Science, with an honest view of creating more opportunities, offering standard clinical training & education to the desirous young girls from the surrounding rural and peripheral areas.

Thereby all honest efforts have, will & shall always be taken & made to fulfill this ultimate dream of our Founder Late Sahakarmaharshi Tatyasaheb alias Vishwanath Kore & all of his Founder colleagues from this Warana Complex who created something impossible possible.                

All this will be possible due to the sincere intention, positive determination & true motive of our Founder’s Son Hon’ble Dr Sudhakar Vishwanath Kore the Chairman / President and sole responsible Icon / Beacon Light of the Trust & Warana Health Care Movement along with the strong support and cooperation of Hon’ble Shri Vinayraoji Kore, Ex. Minister, Govt. of Maharashtra & Chairman of Warana Complex.    

In order to fulfill this dream primarily the Hospital thereby also has to be developed and run as per rules laid down by the basic International & National Standards, in order to provide sincere and necessary services to the needy patients of this Rural and Peripheral area as per its original aim.

For this we are seriously looking out for reputed & renowned competent health care bodies & or Trusts who have prime aims & objectives of achieving Standard Health Care for all, to join us & assist, support & guide us to an ideal path of success.

On the grounds of Medical Tourism, we welcome proposals & at the same time would be highly obliged & happy to assist recognized & renowned competent health care bodies / Trusts ready to take over & or officially affiliate this hospital with their group as their Tertiary Health Care / Outreach Centre, for which our Trust & Warana Complex would majorly assist in all possible & needy aspects. Ultimately we are eager to see that our Hospital & each of its facilities are utilized & our Basic Objective of Affordable & Standard Health Care for all the need is achieved.  

“We thereby look forward to always keep expanding our services all over this region to the needy, according to their economic status, with a sincere intention and true honest motive, without discriminating between people of respective class, creed or sex.”

“Ultimately we aim of developing this,

RURAL HEALTH CARE ORGANIZATION as an explicit example of Quality, Standard, Excellence, Sincerity, Honesty, Dedicated & Devoted Services & Education, both medically and socially, which is lacking & is the prime need of today’s world.”

With due respect & regards, Thanking You,

Yours faithfully,                                   

Dr.Shailesh S Kore


Consulting Radiologist & Occupational Physician / Safety & Health Auditor, Govt. of India